What’s the alternative? Lower calorie and sugar options you may not have heard of

It’s surprising to discover how many ways you can cut down the sugar and calories in your diet with a few simple changes. It’s not about denying yourself or missing out. It’s just about trying a few simple swaps to everyday meals and snacks. I’ve included my favourite ones below, based on regular portion sizes.

Porridge: Swap porridge sweetened with golden syrup for porridge sweetened with 1tbsp reduced sugar jam.
Saving of 8g of sugar and 28 calories

Yoghurt: Swap fruit yogurt for plain yogurt sweetened with 80g pureed strawberries or 1tbsp reduced sugar jam.

Saving of 4.3g of sugar and 53 calories (with pureed strawberries)

Saving of 2.3g of sugar and 49 calories (with Streamline reduced sugar jam)

Toast: Swap toast with butter and 2 tsp apricot jam for toast with butter and 2tsps of reduced sugar apricot jam.

Saving of 7.2g of sugar and 28 calories

Fruit Juice: Swap fruit juice for 50/50 juice and water combination (fizzy or still)

Saving of 8.4g of sugar and 36 calories

Flapjack: Swap a flapjack for an oatcake topped with low fat soft cheese and a teaspoon of reduced sugar jam

Saving of 12.2g of sugar and 110 calories

Canned fruit: Use fruit canned in fruit juice or water rather than fruit canned in syrup to make desserts and smoothies.

Saving of 16.6g of sugar and 56 calories

Sweets: Swap fruit pastilles for 40g ready-to-eat dried apricots

Saving of 26g of sugar and 100 calories

Jelly: Swap a pot of ready-made jelly for homemade jelly made with fruit juice and gelatine
Saving of 12.5g of sugar and 55 calories


About our guest blogger…

Fiona Hunter is a top independent nutrition consultant. Previously a leading light in dietetics for the NHS and a nutritionist at Good Housekeeping, she currently writes for several national publications, TV and radio. http://www.fionahunter-nutrition.co.uk