What is reduced sugar jam and marmalade?

Current legislation requires standard jams to contain at least 60% sugar.

To qualify as a reduced sugar jam, products must contain less than 50% sugar. Streamline jams and marmalades contain 42g of sugar per 100g. That’s 30% less sugar than standard jams!

The difference between less and reduced sugar jam

The official description of our type of jam is ‘reduced sugar’ as we more than meet the current legislation requirements.  However, we prefer to call our products ‘less sugar’ as the term ‘reduced’ implies we have taken something away.  We haven’t.  In fact we’ve always used less sugar than most other jams and marmalades, preferring to pack in more fruit instead.  We think our products taste all the better for it.  Less sugar does not have to be a taste compromise.

Are Streamline jams and marmalades suitable for diabetics?

Streamline jams and marmalades contain less sugar and fewer carbohydrates and calories than standard jams and marmalades and therefore represents a healthier choice for all consumers.  However, we would always recommend that diabetics discuss their individual dietary requirements with a GP or diabetes specialist and be guided by their advice regarding the consumption of all sweet products including reduced sugar or no added sugar jams and marmalades.

* Compared to standard jams

All the extra fruit crammed into our jams and marmalades