Veganism with a little less sugar

World Vegan Month recipes with less sugar

With World Vegan Month upon us, plant-based is getting a renewed focus and what better time to revisit our eating habits and try something different and positive.

Everyone’s vegan journey is so unique, so wherever you are in this journey, we’ve prepared a round-up of our vegan recipe ideas to inspire you and as always, being mindful of the sugar content.

Let’s start with breakfast, for after all it is the most popular time to enjoy jam!

  • Our Fruity Oaty Milkshake is a delicious and super satisfying breakfast to start the day; it’s also perfect to take on-the-go sealed in a Streamline jam jar. Adjust the amount of jam and oat to get the sweetness and consistency just right for your taste
  • With the weather getting colder, another 10mins under the duvet in the morning is a welcome treat, so prepare your breakfast the night before with our Strawberry overnight oats
  • Our Immunity boosting blackcurrant smoothie bowl is packed with flavours and nutrients and is our latest go-to breakfast

Need a little pick-me up that is just sweet enough? Try making one of these treats…

  • Plan for your next decadent chocolate fix with our Chocolate and strawberry ice cream. You can whip it up in minutes. The only sacrifice you’ll have to make is wait whilst it freezes!
  • After a nice and fresh walk, you might fancy something to warm you up? These satisfying Banana and blackcurrant waffles are so easy to prepare and a great way to use up bananas too.

Now, are you ready to take your plant-based diet all the way through to lunch and dinner? Here are some healthy, filling and of course delicious ideas balancing sweetness and flavour…

  • Bright and zingy, this uncomplicated Sesame and orange tofu stir-fry is such a good twenty minute meal!
  • This Zesty couscous tabbouleh salad is full of flavourful fresh herbs and a zesty orange and lemon dressing. Definitely worth the time spent on chopping!

Whichever recipe you try, let us know by tagging us @streamlinefoods on Facebook and Instagram!