Sweet enough ways to cool down

Homemade ice creams and lollies Streamline Less Sugar

As the temperatures warm up and we all long for something cooling, we rekindle our love affair with ice creams. Whether the shop freezers are devoid of your favourites or you fancy having a go at making your own, less sugary, frozen treats, homemade ice creams are surprisingly simple and the results are so worth it!

We have a few ideas here for you, including some no-churn options.


Dairy free creamy mango and blackcurrant ice lollies

These vegan ice lollies, made with coconut milk, mango and Streamline Less Sugar blackcurrant jam, promise a burst of fun and fruity flavours. The perfect refreshment on a hot day!

Coconut and strawberry jam swirl ice cream

Creamy, rich and just sweet enough. Not only is it dairy-free but it’s completely vegan, too. It’s ultra-creamy with a sweet coconut flavour that only gets better with Streamline strawberry jam swirled in. You’ll be enjoying this one all year round.

Quick and easy frozen blackcurrant lollies

Finger-licking fruitiness is guaranteed with these vibrant blackcurrant lollies. They’re a brilliant no-churn alternative to ice cream and with only 3 ingredients, they couldn’t be easier to make! The perfect refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day.

Chocolate and strawberry scoops

This insanely delicious chocolate and strawberry ice cream. You can whip it up in minutes. The only sacrifice you’ll have to make is wait whilst it freezes. But try it, and you’ll never want another chocolate ice cream!

Rainbow magic

Pack in the fruit with these fun rainbow lollies, made with mango fruit and blackcurrant jam. They’re a low-fat, low-calorie cooling treat and will go down a storm with the kids, big and small!

Iced mousse

This iced blackcurrant mousse makes a light and fruity finish to a summer meal. They look great in their jars to serve to guests and are incredibly easy to make.