Summer drinks, perfect for serving up in jam jars

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From BBQs to picnics, summertime is the season for outdoor parties and get-togethers. And you can add to the fun by serving cocktails or mocktails in jam jars! Not only will they look pretty, you can also prepare and chill them ahead so you can spend more time enjoying yourself rather than just hosting. Here are some gorgeous ideas, some low in sugar too!

Fill a cocktail shaker with crushed ice. Add pureed watermelon, coconut water, and vodka to the shaker; squeeze juice from half of the lime into the shaker. Full recipe here

Skinny grapefruit margarita
A little bit of lime juice, some grapefruit juice, sparkling water, triple sec and of course tequila! Get the full recipe here

Pomegranate ginger storm
The tartness of the cranberry and pomegranate marry perfectly with the sweet and zesty ginger beer and lime juice. Get the recipe here

Pina Colada
Blitz frozen pineapple chunks with unsweetened coconut milk and a squeeze of fresh lime. Get the full recipe here

Mai Tai
Mix some orange juice, lime juice, a dash of almond extract, crushed ice and sparkling water. Full recipe here

Ginger Lime mocktail
Combine lime juice, ginger, stevia, sparkling water Get the recipe for this deliciously sparkling and refreshing drink here.

Infused water
Drop a few fresh mint leaves and cucumber slices in water for a super refreshing and elegant drink. You can also stir a splash of lime, lemon or orange to add a little zest.