Valentine Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce

A fun breakfast or dessert to try on Valentines Day.


1       ripe banana
2      1 large egg
3      1 tsp of vanilla extract
4      50 g of oats
5      15g whole wheat flour
6      30g Greek yoghurt
7      Zest of a half a lemon.
8      50 ml of water (optional depending on the thickness of the batter you want.  If you need the pancakes to be thin add 50ml, if not add only 25ml of water)


50g Streamline Strawberry Jam
30g Greek yoghurt
30ml of semi-skimmed milk

Add the banana, oats, whole wheat flour, Greek yoghurt, vanilla, egg and 25ml of water to a food processor.  Blend until smooth.

If you need the batter to be more runny gradually add the rest of the water to get the desired consistency of your choice.

Finally, add the lemon zest and mix well and set aside.

Add the strawberry, milk and Greek yoghurt to a high-speed blender and blend until it creates a silky smooth sauce.

Heat a non-stick pan and add the pancake batter with a spoon to your desired size.

Once the corners of the pancakes bubbles, flip and cook the other side as well.

You can use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut it to heart shapes for Valentines.

Pour the sauce over the pancakes and enjoy!

  • Prep time 10 Minutes
  • Cook time 2 Minutes
  • Yield 6
  • Skill level easy

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