Light and fruity cranachan with Streamline less sugar jam

Light and Fruity Cranachan

Rich in texture and fruitiness, our version of the Scottish Cranachan is deceptively lighter! Using low fat cream and Greek yogurt, combined with reduced sugar berry jam, this is a sweet and fluffy dessert that will be popular for Burns Night and many other celebrations.

150g Low-fat double cream

150g Greek yogurt (full fat or low fat)

7 tbsp of Whisky (or Cognac)

50g Streamline Less Sugar Strawberry jam

50g Rolled oats

In a non-stick pan, dry toast the rolled oats until light golden brown (this should take about 1-2 mins)

In a bowl, add the Streamline less sugar jam and whisky and mix thoroughly with a spoon.

Beat the double cream until it creates stiff peaks and mix gently with the Greek yogurt using a spatula.

Take three glasses of your choice, add a 1 tbsp of jam and whisky mixture to the bottom of the glasses. Scoop in the Greek yogurt and double cream mix on top of the jam mixture, and add some crunchy toasted oats.

Top with more jam mixture as desired.


  • Prep time 8 Minutes
  • Serves 3

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