Kefir BLackcurrant Parfait - Streamline Less Sugar Jam breakfast recipe

Kefir Blackcurrant Parfait

This deliciousy fruity, antioxidants, fibre and gut health friendly probiotic filled parfait makes for a satisfying breakfast that is sweetened to your taste.

30g (or 2 tbsp) Streamline Less Sugar Blackcurrant jam

30g (or 2 tbsp) chia seeds

40g granola

300ml plain kefir yogurt

30g low fat Greek yogurt or coconut yogurt

Toppings – Berries ( optional)

Mix the kefir yoghurt with the chia seeds; set aside for 5 min until the chia seeds soak up the kefir and become tender.

Mix the blackcurrant jam into the chia seed and kefir mix.

Divide the mix into two glasses (or mugs).

Add 1 tbsp each of Low fat Greek yogurt on top and then finish up with 20g of granola in each glass.

Top up with berries for even more fruit!

  • Prep time 10 Minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Skill level easy

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