Streamline chocolate and strawberry ice cream

Dairy free dark chocolate and strawberry ice cream

Best thing on a hot summer day? This insanely delicious chocolate and strawberry ice cream. You can whip it up in minutes. The only sacrifice you’ll have to make is wait whilst it freezes.

2 tins of full fat thick coconut milk (800ml)

90g dark chocolate 65% cocoa (we used Moo Free Organic 65% dark chocolate bar)

1 tbsp of cornflour

165g Streamline less sugar strawberry jam

Pinch of salt

60g dark chocolate chips or roughly crushed cashews (optional)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Leave 2 tins of coconut milk upside down in the fridge overnight in a bowl. This way all the cream will float up and it’ll be easier to scoop it all up.

Once you have the thick coconut milk ready to go the next day, turn the tins upside down and drain the coconut milk water (save it for another recipe). Scoop up the cream from the top of the tin and pour the cream to the chilled bowl, add a pinch of salt, vanilla extract, melted dark chocolate and beat until it creates a beautiful silky texture.

Add the strawberry less sugar jam, dark chocolate chips (or crushed cashews) and stir.

Simply pour the ice cream mix into a suitable tray and freeze overnight (or if you own an ice cream machine, add the mix to the ice cream machine and let it do the magic).

  • Prep time 5 Minutes
  • Serves 5
  • Skill level easy

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