Join us for a sweet tour of the UK

UK map according to cakes and biscuits - sweet treats streamline reduced sugar jam

Here in the UK we’re lovers of something sweet – be it a mid-morning or afternoon snack, something after lunch or dinner. But have you ever wondered which sweet treats are most popular where in the UK? The lovely people at have made an infographic, which shows each region’s favourites!

Take the classic Scottish shortbread. It began life as scraps from a medieval “biscuit bread”, twice baked. It now takes place as a culinary icon – delicious, buttery and sweet.

Or how about Parkin, a regional ginger cake of Yorkshire? It’s well known for its dark brown colour and fiery flavour – a particular favourite to be served on the 5th of November, Bonfire night.

Indulge yourself in a tour of the UK with this sweet treats map, from the classic cream tea of Cornwall to Grasmere ginger shortbread. And if this has awaken your taste buds but you’re watching the calorie levels, sugar or fat, take a look at Streamline recipes for healthier versions. Just by making a few simple tweaks, such as using a reduced sugar jam or rapeseed oil and yogurt instead of saturated fats like butter or coconut, you can make better for you bakes without compromising on flavour!