How to indulge over the Easter weekend without feeling the effects on your waistline

We’ve asked Alison Clarkson, our resident food writer and clever lady responsible for creating all the delicious recipes you see on the Streamline site, to give us her top tips on how to indulge over the Easter weekend without feeling the effects on your waistline!

  • If you’re doing a roast this Easter Sunday, go for chicken or turkey as the lower fat option and cook the stuffing in a separate oven dish rather than inside the bird where it will absorb fat as it cooks.
  • Make sure you skim all the fat possible from the gravy, a great trick for this is to drop in a few ice cubes and the fat will set on the cold cubes, you can then scoop them out and throw them away.
  • Even better than a roast is a big fish pie, comforting and delicious but, if you make it with semi skimmed milk and just a sprinkling of cheese, much healthier. Serve with lots of green Spring vegetables to fill up plates.
  • Streamline Black Forest roulade is the perfect pudding to serve to guests. It tastes so indulgent, they’ll never know they’re tucking into a healthier pudding!
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on portion sizes over the bank holiday weekend. Remember that at least a third of your plate should be filled with fruit or vegetables and keep drinking lots of water.
  • Treat yourself with a good quality chocolate, choosing smaller size eggs with a higher cocoa content (70% and above). It’ll be more satisfying and will avoid you the sugar trap.