I can’t get no satisfaction (without a load of sugar?!)

Sometimes you just want a hit of the sweet stuff – but that doesn’t have to mean sugar! There are ways to satisfy that sweet tooth without decaying it.

First up think fruity and spicy. Grabbing real fruit like a mashed up banana and a pinch of cinnamon to top your porridge is a winner over a sprinkle of sugar or honey. You get all the nutritional benefits of the fruit and a sweet spicy hint.

When it comes to yogurt, give plain yogurt the sweet treatment rather than reaching for a ready flavoured and sweetened yogurt off the shelf. Stirring in a teaspoon of Streamline reduced sugar jam will do the trick.

Set your sights on fruit. Keep your fruit bowl full and somewhere where you can see it. You will be more likely to reach for fruit instead of the biscuit tin.

When the heat is on, don’t be swayed by the ice cream van. You can get just the same sweet treat by making your own ice-lollies from natural fruit juices and smoothies.

Finally, keep a small pack of ready-to-eat dried fruit in your handbag, backpack or desk draw. That way you’ve got something healthy at hand to kick that sweet craving.

About our guest blogger…

Fiona Hunter is a top independent nutrition consultant. Previously a leading light in dietetics for the NHS and a nutritionist at Good Housekeeping, she currently writes for several national publications, TV and radio. http://www.fionahunter-nutrition.co.uk