Frequently Asked Questions

We thought it might be easy to put all the questions we get asked most often in one place, so here goes… but if you have another, do get in touch!

Do you add sweeteners to make up for the reduction in sugar?

No. Streamline Less Sugar Jam or Marmalade recipes are all free from artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol. We simply choose fruit that are full of flavour and pack more into our jars!

Is Streamline suitable for diabetics?

Because our recipes are lower in sugar, many of our customers do choose Streamline to help them manage their diabetes. Diabetes UK advises that people with diabetes can consume sugar but it should be limited as part of a healthy balanced diet. Both Diabetes UK and the European Commission (EC) believe that there is no role or benefit from the use of specific diabetic foods.

How should I store my jam?

Your jam will stay at its best if kept in the fridge once opened and should be consumed within 6 weeks. Make sure you also use a clean spoon when you dig in so no butter or crumbs can find their way in; this will avoid any cross contamination.

Can I buy a jar directly from Streamline?

Unfortunately we are not set up to sell direct. But you can get your hands on our zingy jars at retailers big and small including Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Booths and Budgens. If you don’t have any luck, contact us and we can tell you where to find them near you.

Why is your Thick Cut Orange Marmalade lighter in colour than other marmalades?

We want our recipes to be the healthiest they can be. Lower in sugar but also free from artificial additives and colours. Many producers add a caramel colour to Thick Cut or Coarse Cut Orange Marmalades which makes them much darker than the natural fruit they are prepared with. We simply don’t add any colour.

I like to reuse the jars, how can I get the label off?

We’ve made it very easy for you with a special easy peel label. It’ll come off like a dream – no soaking or other glue remover needed. Just peel it gently.

Why do you add pectin to your products?

We add fruit pectin to some of our recipes to help them set. Depending on the fruit type it’s not always necessary as some fruit naturally contains more pectin.