Enjoy Pancake Day with Less Sugar

Fillings and presentation are what make pancakes truly exciting! And we have some simple and healthier filling as well as folding ideas for your pancake party menu. Enjoy Pancake Day without having to compromise on taste!

  • Mix some Streamline less sugar orange marmalade in low fat yogurt and top with mango chunks
  • Add a scoop of frozen yogurt on your pancake, topped with Streamline less sugar strawberry jam and a few crushed pistachio nuts
  • Stir some Streamline less sugar thin cut orange marmalade with low fat Greek yogurt and sprinkle a little cinnamon
  • Mix some ricotta cheese with Streamline less sugar strawberry jam and top with dark chocolate shavings
  • Spread some low fat cream cheese on your pancake, spoon some Streamline less sugar blackcurrant jam and sprinkle a little lime zest