Deliciously portable picnic desserts

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Bringing just the right dessert to a picnic can be a little tricky. Whipped cream can spoil, buttercream will melt and you’ll potentially need to pack (and carry) more plates and cutlery.

Here’s our selection of dessert ideas that will look pretty enough to make your picnic feel like a party, without getting ruined on the way!

  • Brownies

There’s a practical reason why brownies are classic choices for picnic desserts. Aside from their comfort-food-level deliciousness, you can bake them in big batches and they’re easy to pack. Our brownies have all the gooey intensity of a chocolate brownie but they are made lighter by swapping butter for yoghurt. The strawberry jam gives a lovely fruity kick to cut through the rich chocolate.

  • Bakewell tart

Here’s another variation on classic dessert. Our Bakewell tart is everything you love about Bakewell, but with less sugar. Keep it in the tin to transport, it’s a whole lot easier to slice up and serve to a crowd.

  • Fruity Fun Skewers

Raise fresh fruit to the level of dessert by threading it on long bamboo skewers. Use sturdy fruit that doesn’t brown easily such as grapes, melon, berries and pineapple.

  • Lamingtons

Everyone will love the convenience of helping themselves to individual grab-and-go minis bites and that’s why our Lamingtons recipe is perfect. For one thing, you don’t need plates and forks for these delectable little treats. And secondly, it’s chocolate!

  • Jammy Daisy Dodgers

Bring the wow factor to the end of your picnic with these pretty daisy shaped biscuits. They will be a real hit with everyone and will get the nostalgia flowing!