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Grow your own bounty

Spring is finally here! How do you fancy creating your own supply of juicy fruits, crunchy vegetables and fresh salad greens? Growing fruit and veg is a popular, cost effective and productive way to use your garden although don’t let the lack of outdoor space stop you! Many varieties can be grown in pots, hanging…

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Streamline Foods Flavour First

Is it just a matter of taste ?

Did you ever wonder why your favourite foods taste so good? Well, you can thank your taste buds for letting you appreciate the sweetness of strawberries and the bitterness of lemons. Taste buds are sensory organs that are found on the tongue and allow to experience tastes that are sweet, savoury, salty, sour and bitter….

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What’s the alternative? Lower calorie and sugar options you may not have heard of

It’s surprising to discover how many ways you can cut down the sugar and calories in your diet with a few simple changes. It’s not about denying yourself or missing out. It’s just about trying a few simple swaps to everyday meals and snacks. I’ve included my favourite ones below, based on regular portion sizes….

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