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A Chinese New Year full of colours and flavours

Based on lunar and solar calendars, the date of Chinese New Year varies each year, but always falls between late January and mid-February. Each year is represented by one of twelve animals, with 28 January 2017 heralding the year of the rooster! Chinese New Year traditionally means a time for families to get together over…

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Streamline Jam Jar Craft

Countdown to Christmas

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year already but with just a few weeks to go until Christmas, the clock is ticking and it’s time to start planning! SIX WEEKS TO GO (early to mid-November) Set your budget When it comes to Christmas it’s all too easy to spend spend spend! So start…

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Streamline Less Sugar Jam Jar Halloween

BOO-tiful Halloween ideas

Whether you are looking for seasonal gift inspiration or spooky craft decorations, grab a few empty jam jars and let your creative pumpkin juices flow! Here are some ideas to give your home an extra-spooky feel this Halloween.   Re-use your empty jam jars to make spellbinding party goody jars! Paint the lids and jars…

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Breakfast, jam, spreads, toast, bread

Breakfast around the world

Dinner or breakfast? Well you may be surprised to find out that ‘dinner’ in Old English (disner) means to break a fast and was back then used to describe the first meal eaten in the day. Its meaning later shifted but the word breakfast only came into use in the 15th century to describe a…

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5 tips for healthier alfresco eating

5 top tips for healthier alfresco and barbecue eating

For most of us, cooking and eating outdoors is what summer is all about. It’s the perfect excuse to showcase foods packed with colour and flavour and re-ignite our love affair with the barbecue. So this summer, make it fun and try new things while making it healthier too.   Make veggies the star of…

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Grow your own bounty

Spring is finally here! How do you fancy creating your own supply of juicy fruits, crunchy vegetables and fresh salad greens? Growing fruit and veg is a popular, cost effective and productive way to use your garden although don’t let the lack of outdoor space stop you! Many varieties can be grown in pots, hanging…

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Streamline Foods Flavour First

Is it just a matter of taste ?

Did you ever wonder why your favourite foods taste so good? Well, you can thank your taste buds for letting you appreciate the sweetness of strawberries and the bitterness of lemons. Taste buds are sensory organs that are found on the tongue and allow to experience tastes that are sweet, savoury, salty, sour and bitter….

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