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Sugar. Dare to compare.

We all know we need to eat a healthy, balanced diet that is low in saturated fat, sugar and salt to keep our weight, cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure in check. However, whilst cutting down on sugar may seem rather simple at first, it isn’t that straightforward. Of course, you can choose reduced sugar,…

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The new green gym

Brits are burning a staggering 51,428 calories a year in the garden, according to a new study. Research commissioned by Argos found that the average green-fingered adult spends almost five more hours a week working out, compared to non-gardeners. Gardening can have a great impact on fitness, wellbeing and even sleep, the study found. Some…

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Stay healthy this summer

The colder months are often associated with health issues however the summer brings along its fair share of bugs and sickness too. So here are a few things to be aware of and prepare for once the sun has arrived! Heat stroke and sunburn Heat related issues are very common over the summer months for…

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Streamline Jam Jar Craft

Countdown to Christmas

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year already but with just a few weeks to go until Christmas, the clock is ticking and it’s time to start planning! SIX WEEKS TO GO (early to mid-November) Set your budget When it comes to Christmas it’s all too easy to spend spend spend! So start…

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Streamline Less Sugar Jam Jar Halloween

BOO-tiful Halloween ideas

Whether you are looking for seasonal gift inspiration or spooky craft decorations, grab a few empty jam jars and let your creative pumpkin juices flow! Here are some ideas to give your home an extra-spooky feel this Halloween.   Re-use your empty jam jars to make spellbinding party goody jars! Paint the lids and jars…

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Upcycled jam jars ideas

Give your jam jars a new lease of life!

Flowers are probably the most obvious choice to fill your jam jars with but jars are so versatile. They provide endless opportunities for giving thrifty but appealing gifts, crafting stylish decorations and of course, making practical yet lovely storage. Jam jars come in all shapes and sizes, some with easier to peel labels than others,…

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Keep your healthy glow this winter

There’s nothing quite like getting home from the chilly evenings and snuggling up in the warm with a hot cuppa and a few sweet treats. Temperatures may be dropping but two things will be on the up, the central heating and our favourite comfort foods and puddings. It’s a well-known fact that central heating dries…

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Making your groceries last longer

Making your groceries last longer

We’re all spending more than ever on food, yet we’re wasting more than ever too, especially the fresh stuff. So, whilst planning meals and sticking to a shopping list can indeed help you reduce waste, what else can you do to make your groceries go further? Getting portions right will certainly help make the most…

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