Boost your lockdown mood, not your sugar intake

Whipping up treats in the kitchen can do more than just create yummy comfort food and ease boredom. In fact, many, in the culinary and mental health worlds, have found baking to have therapeutic value, which helps ease depression and anxiety. So, it’s easy to see why the covid19 lockdown has made many of us rediscover our inner Mary Berry.

But whilst baking may boost our moods it may also boost our sugar intake. Now isn’t the time to deny ourselves further however and by trying just a few simple swaps, we can reduce our sugar intake and still indulge in delicious treats.

For the kitchen-shy and the confident home chef alike, whether battling cabin fever or negative thinking, here are our top recipes.

Have fun baking!

Strawberry cheesecake

This is a delicious classic cheesecake but by making some simple swaps such as using quark and light soft cheese, you can indulge in this fruity, silky-smooth dessert, without the guilt!

Strawberry chocolate brownies

These Streamline Strawberry Chocolate Brownies have all the gooey intensity of a chocolate brownie but they are made lighter by swapping butter for yoghurt. The strawberry jam gives a lovely fruity kick to cut through the rich chocolate.

Black Forest roulade

A dessert centre piece that brings all the flavour of the Black Forest with a healthier twist. Without flour and with a yoghurt and reduced sugar jam filling, this traditionally indulgent dessert is deliciously lighter.

Chocolate and blackcurrant cupcakes

Moist and rich, the topping is made lighter using a cheese frosting with jam for colour and flavour for the perfect sweet enough afternoon treat

Blackcurrant muffins

Cook up a batch of these muffins that ooze with Streamline less sugar blackcurrant jam in the middle and they’ll keep you going for breakfast all week. Made with banana and apple for natural sweetness, they are lovely with a cup of tea too.