What’s in the jar?

Picky about fruit – Our ingredients

For us, it’s all about the right fruit every time.

Like the Senga Sengana strawberry – an ultra juicy deep red fruit with bucketloads of sweetness in every bite. Our loyalties lie with the flavour – that means we’ll use what tastes the best and harvest it at its most mouthwatering moment. And because we’re so particular about our produce, all our fruit is fully traceable right back to the field it’s from.

Carefully crafted – Our method

Following a recipe passed down through 3 generations, we mix all the ingredients in huge traditional kettles. We also use some state of the art equipment alongside our classic techniques to make sure we achieve the best taste and texture. It’s a craft that we take our time over – slow cooking the sticky sweet mixture to retain gorgeous fruit pieces and all their natural flavour.